Therapy in Action: The School-Age Child Who Stutters

A State of the Art Teaching Tool!
Therapy in Action: The School-age Child Who Stutters
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     This 38-minute DVD is an excellent resource and teaching tool for speech-language pathologists as well as teachers, parents, and physicians.
     Certain to further the understanding of stuttering and what can be done to help the school-age child, this DVD provides information about:
  • what stuttering looks and sounds like
  • concerns associated with stuttering in the school-age child
  • therapy in action by renowned specialists with school-age children.
     ASHA Journal review says, Speech-language pathologists, teachers, parents, and physicians will find this video helpful. It will be useful as in-service presentations as well as a take home tape for parents. In many cases, it will also be helpful for the child to view the tape. This is the kind of video that you will want to keep several copies of on hand so you won't have to loan or give away your 'last" copy.

     Produced by Edward G. Conture, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Barry Guitar, Ph.D., University of Vermont, Jane Fraser, Stuttering Foundation, June H. Campbell,M.A., Northwestern University, Hugo H. Gregory,Ph.D., Northwestern University, Peter Ramig, Ph.D. University of Colorado-Boulder, and Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., University of Iowa.