The PowerR Game!

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The PowerR Game
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    Help your clients manage their stuttering, increase awareness and change in attitudes and feelings about stuttering, and develop strategies for dealing with daily challenges using a game-board approach to treatment.
    The PowerR Game: Managing Stuttering gives you 94 game cards with 564 statements for directing discussions about stuttering and an additional 50 cards containing diversion scenarios to focus discussions.
     PowerR is an acronym for each of the important phases of treatment including:
  • P ermission to stutter;
  • O wnership of the disorder;
  • W ell-being maintenance;
  • E steem of self;
  • R esilience in bouncing back after stuttering episodes and developing
  • R esponsibility for being an effective communication partner.
    Developed by speech-language pathologist Gordon Blood, Ph.D., The Penn State University. The PowerR Game helps those who stutter manage their stuttering and the feelings associated with it. Second edition provides an updated manual with additional resources and references.

This book/game will help you write practical and functional IEPs.
    Bill Murphy, M.A.

There is no other book/game like this. It's a wonderful workbook for SLPs to counsel teens and adults who stutter and create activities to help them work on their speech.
    Kristin Chmela, M.A.