Self-therapy for the Stutterer

...11th edition of the classic self-help guide from the founder of the Stuttering Foundation
Self-Therapy for the Stutterer, 192 pages. 11th edition
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    This exciting 11th edition is written to and for the many adults and teens who stutter.
     It states confidently that as a person who stutters, you do not need to surrender helplessly to your speech difficulty because you can change the way you talk.
     You can learn to communicate with ease rather than with effort. There is no quick and easy way to tackle the problem, but with the right approach, self-therapy can be effective.
     This edition outlines a self-therapy program which describes what the person who stutters can do to tackle the problem and work towards better communication. It is often used as a supplement to clinical treatment. 11th edition 2010. 192 pages. Also available in Spanish. See book #0025.

     Writes Charles Van Riper, Ph.D., about this book:
    There are always some who stutter who are unable to get professional help and others who do not seem to be able to profit from it. There are some who prefer to be their own therapist. In this book, Malcolm Fraser has provided guidance for those who must help themselves. Knowing well from his own experience as a stutterer the difficulties of self-therapy, he outlines a series of objectives and challenges that should serve as a map for the person who is lost in the dismal swamp of stuttering and wants to find a way out.

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This book was the turning point in overcoming my stuttering. D.S. in Florida