Helping Children Change Thoughts and Feelings About Communication

Helping Children Change Thoughts and Feelings About Communication
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    For many children who stutter, successfully managing communication involves more than just changing speech. During this 2 hour 55 minute DVD, renowned clinician Vivian Sisskin presents a multidimensional approach as a foundation to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes co-exist with stuttering. She offers concrete strategies to help children become more mindful about their communication, to answer others' questions about what stuttering is and why they talk the way they do, and to recognize how their feelings influence their behavior. Additionally, she presents therapy ideas that will assist children in learning to stand up for themselves, to make active choices about speaking situations, plan actions they will take, and take risks. Recommendations for documentation and measurement are also provided.

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FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES:Vivian Siskin: Receives a salary from the University of Maryland and received an honorarium from Stuttering Foundation for teaching the lecture.NONFINANCIAL DISCLOSURES: None