DVD of video series from the 70's featuring Dr. Harold Starbuck

...develop your own version of stuttering modification therapy using these classic tapes now on ONE DVD!
Stuttering Modification Techniques-Dr. Hal Starbuck
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    This single DVD combining five classic videotapes from the 1970's present clinician Dr. Hal Starbuck using his stuttering modification therapy techniques with a group of teens and young adults.
    Despite the scratchy audio track and grainy visual quality of the tapes, you will learn a great deal from Dr. Starbuck's lucid teaching style.
    His demonstrations of each step of therapy using several individuals who stutter will make it possible for you to develop your own version of stuttering modification therapy from start to finish.
-Barry Guitar, Ph.D.
    DVDs include Identification & Analysis; The Process of Post-Block Correction; The Process of In-Block Correction & Pre-Block Correction; Predetermined Speech, Dismissal and Transfer; and Motivation.